Contractor Procurement Methodology

We’ll do it for you or show you how to set it up so you can do it for yourselves…

We’ll save you money and management time associated with finding and adding the technical resources you need. Our methodology has saved millions of dollars per year for several companies with significant savings in as little as three months. And this is achieved without disruption by continuing to utilize the same vendors and consultants you have in place now.

How we do it:

Our method is really simple. Initially we assist your company to  renegotiate all of your vendor contracts in order to add favorable terms and to standardize them. We enlist the cooperation of your managers who utilize consultants and your current vendors who provide them to set new processes in place.  The new processes have the managers initiate requests for consultants via web or email and all vendors are able to respond with qualified resumes which are then screened for candidates with the best skills match and the best rates.  The top two candidates are forwarded to your managers for their approval (and interviews if needed), and once the selection is made the contract is updated.  Say goodbye to management time wasted on vendor sales calls, resume screening, rate negotiations, interview logistics, or contracts!

How you benefit

Save money—just $10 per hour reduction saves you $20,000 per year for each contractor. We typically save millions of dollars per year per client, and the savings begin immediately.  


Free your managers to manage technical projects instead of wasting their time on recruiting, sales calls, screening, etc.


Eliminate administrative and legal problems. Standardize your contracts with all vendors and if you want we can even handle time and billing issues for you.


Add resources quickly—requirements are usually filled within a day.


Get up-to-date and accurate reports that will keep you informed about your contractor population, savings to date, average rate by skill, by manager, by project, and projected end dates.


Let us show you how to bring order and sense to a process that is chaotic and unstructured through our efficient, time-tested methodology.


Our experience and successes in developing and implementing this methodology guarantee success!