About Us

About PSG Consultants

PSG Consultants are attracted to PSG from various professions and backgrounds. All have certain traits in common, which include:


· High level of experience and expertise and a proven record of successes in their specialty


· Excellent communication skills, which include the ability to coach, teach, and mentor


· Focus on effective results


· The pure enjoyment of their work and the desire to share their knowledge in constructive ways with others


· A work style characterized by the desire to work with others as peers rather than subordinates


· Grounding in years of experience that has honed and polished their skills

About Chuck Aaron

Chuck Aaron established PSG  to provide technology-related consulting services. He draws upon his experience working for both venture capital and corporate owners as a management consultant whose focus was establishing high-tech start-ups and implementing turn-arounds of troubled companies.  He has significant experience in management, sales, recruiting, contract programming, and outsourcing and he has established several very successful consulting companies.   He is experienced in all phases of management and has functioned as CEO, COO, CIO, Sales VP, Marketing VP, Recruiter, Purchasing Director, Sales Manager and Sales Representative to many companies.


Through PSG he brings each client a broad view of their business within the context of industry niche, competitive stance, and organizational focus, and he utilizes both traditional management processes and creative initiatives to consistently exceed goals.  His management style is reflected in PSG and is characterized by collaboration, delegation, and continued motivation and mentoring of staff.


PSG has a bias for action, which means that we are able to achieve clients’ objectives in a very compressed time frame. If there were one phrase to characterize both Chuck Aaron and PSG’s achievements it would be “getting results”, since all assignments have achieved their desired goals on time and at or below budget.