It takes a special series of skills and lots of experience to efficiently create a new company. Start-up consulting includes all of the activities needed from idea through implementation. 


The first phase is the analysis phase which includes analysis of a product and/or service and its potential market, a complete competitive analysis, market analysis, sales channel analysis, risk factors, organizational structure, infrastructure plan, and financing plan.


Next is the planning phase, which includes the creation of a detailed strategic plan and detailed business plan.  These plans cover organization structure and key personnel, a detailed marketing plan, revenue projections, cash flow analysis, sales forecast, start-up budget and 5 year budget forecasts, and a staffing plan.  Infrastructure requirements including legal support, computer hardware and software systems and personnel, accounting processes, facilities needed equipment and services, etc. are also included.


The implementation phase is where the rubber meets the road, and includes selection and furnishing of  facilities, and recruiting and hiring for all phases of the business from management to manufacturing, sales, administration, human resources and recruiting, purchasing, shipping, etc. During this phase staff must develop marketing materials, including brochures, web pages, advertising plan, sales support materials, trade show presence, product positioning, targeted pricing, sales commission structure and pay plans, press releases, etc.  This is also the time to finalize financing, complete legal documentation, accounting processes and to initiate processes for launch.


Next the business management phase kicks in, where it is necessary to oversee launch and fine-tune personnel, processes, etc. to focus on meeting objectives, and to continue delegation of all responsibilities to in-place management.


Finally, we slowly phase out as management assumes full responsibility for running the business.  We are available  to return and advise as needed by management.


PSG has the experience and the experts to make any startup a success.