Outsource Consulting

Off-shore or domestic software development outsourcing

With significant experience in successful offshore maintenance and development we can help you to identify and outsource both legacy system maintenance and new development projects. Our outsource consultants have extensive experience and can work with you and your staff to:


· Identify appropriate projects for outsourcing


· Examine transportability of each application


· Identify potential companies to do the work


· Prepare and send a request for proposal


· Assist in evaluating responses to RFP and select winner


· Negotiate contract and final pricing


· Oversee and assist with the implementation and transition of work


Hardware outsourcing

Many companies have discovered the benefits of off-site hosting and processing.


Hardware outsourcing can relieve a company of the need for operations staff and facilities, instead utilizing the expertise and facilities of a specialty company.


Offsite hosting assures better security and protection from natural disasters as well as specialized power facilities that will assure uninterrupted operations.


Whether you are considering caging, off-site hosting, backup services, or other hardware and/or software outsourcing, our experts are available to assist you with the process.