Recruiting Services

Finding the right people...

Well-qualified employees with the ideal mix of skills and experience are hard to find even though the supply of candidates exceeds the demand in today’s more mobile marketplace.  Many of the best candidates are more reluctant to change jobs and would rather cling to the security of their current positions than risk competing in the high-supply, low-demand job market we have now.


Traditional recruiting through referrals, internet postings, and newspaper ads will not surface these candidates.  Instead they have to be identified, recruited, and sold on the benefits of moving to a new position, and we are in the unique position to locate and present these candidates for your requirements.


Our approach to technical staffing is requirement-driven. We maintain a database of qualified people who have sent us their resumes and who have been pre-qualified to validate their technical expertise and experience level. We always present their resumes with their permission and knowledge and continually re-qualify them to determine their salary objectives, career goals, and the specifics that will attract them to a new position.


When we do a search we are very careful to qualify the specific technical skills needed, the salary range for the potential employee, and other factors that are important such as communication skills, industry or application-specific knowledge, etc.


Most important is the fact that if we are not able to identify a qualified candidate we will let you know rather than pepper you with inapplicable resumes.


This means that you can always depend on us to be straightforward and honest in matching your needs with the best candidates available.