Technical Staffing

Contract programming and technical consulting services

We offer experienced consultants with a variety of technical skills for supplemental staffing, project work, expert mentoring, temporary skill needs and other interim projects. Their expertise includes:


· Main-frame skills


· Mid-tier skills


· Network skills including network infrastructure configuration, tuning, and network administration, UNIX, LINUX, Windows,  Cisco, etc.


· Distributed processing skills including C++, Visual C, Access, Visual Basic, .net, SQL and others


· Web-related skills including JAVA, HTML, XML, Cold Fusion, WebSphere, web development tools and others


· Other specialties such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, CRM, analysis and design, data base management, QA, Case Tools, data warehousing, etc.

Temp-to-perm staffing services

Because of today’s tight market for good technical people our temp-to-perm staffing option offers similar skills as described above but with the option to convert the consultant to employee status after trying them out as a consultant. Here is how it works:


· When you identify the requirement as a temp-to-perm assignment, we clarify beforehand what the targeted annual salary will be. This allows us to identify a consultant who will not only be willing to convert but also one whose  salary needs fits your earnings goal. We also focus on a proper skills match to assure the greatest likelihood of a completed hire.


· If you utilize the consultant’s services for three months before converting we charge a fee equal to two month’s billing fees. If you keep the consultant from three to six months we charge a fee equal to one month’s billing fees. If you keep the consultant on billing for six months or more we do not charge you a fee when you convert them to employee status.  If you choose not to convert the consultant you may continue them on a monthly basis or end their services.