Strategic Planning

Why Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning allows an organization to focus on the essentials needed to succeed. Maturing businesses and organizations often find themselves in the position of having to redefine their mission and goals as they discover that the paradigm or context within which they were founded has changed.


In order to remain competitive or meet the needs of their clients, such organizations may utilize the strategic planning process to redirect and focus their activities. The strategic planning process differs by organization and needs but usually includes:


Development of objectives for the planning process to determine  exactly what the participants hope to gain


Crafting and creation of a Vision Statement, which is an outcome-oriented statement of long-term organizational objectives and goals that can be a focal point for all members of the company or organization. Vision statements often define the founders’ concept of the company or organization’s place in the world, its ultimate purposes for itself, its employees, its owners, and for society as a whole.


Crafting and creation of a Mission Statement, which defines the specific role of the organization or company, its goals, and its place in the universe within which it functions (its business context or the place the organization serves within the greater society). The Mission Statement serves as a rallying point for all who are involved and focuses on the primary business or organizational objectives. It is outcome-oriented and measurable, but broad enough to incorporate the essence of the overall purposes for which the company or organization exists.


A listing of the specific goals and objectives that need to be followed up. These can include action items that are delegated to specific participants. Each is assigned specific goals and objectives and a date for completion and review. Since the strategic planning process involves multiple meetings, these items are scheduled for group review at subsequent  meetings.


Working meetings to identify and review key items, draft the mission and vision statements and outline actions necessary to complete the process.


Our strategic planning consultants are seasoned and experienced in many types of businesses and organizations. Their goals are to facilitate and expedite the process by engaging key management staff in the strategic planning process.